Apparently, the US State Department and the Pentagon disagree about whether or not Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. The State Department says that Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, but the Pentagon has repeatedly said that it can supply no evidence that Iran has been assisting militants in Iraq with weapons, ammunition, or parts to assemble for the same.

Where is the State Departments evidence? Where is Condi Rice getting her facts? Also, what is terrorism? Is it resistance? The Iraqis in Iraq who are resisting the occupation of their own country, are they being termed terrorists? If so, that's wrong unless they are deliberately targeting civilians to cause them to be in terror. Is that what they are doing? How much of any of that is the direct result of US and UK covert ops? How much of it is a directly result of the US training and provoking as it did in Central America for decades?

The State Department also listed Syria, North Korea, Cuba, and Sudan. Where's the evidence? Exactly which terrorist groups is each of these nations sponsoring? I am aware that Sudan backs the Janjaweed and that Blacks in Sudan are terrorized by them. Of course, many people in Iraq have been terrorized by American troops.

I don't like what the Janjaweed have been doing to meek farmers, but I also hate what American troops have been doing to average Iraqi citizens who had already suffered more than enough under Saddam Hussein.

Tom Usher

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