When Jimmy Carter was the President, his administration devised a couple of plans. One was to not allow any new chemicals into the marketplace until proven safe. Another was a full-circle tracking system on all harmful chemicals. That's full monitoring. Had we done both of those things, the world would be infinitely better off now.

The infamous Ronald Reagan got into office after cutting a despicable deal with Iranians designed to ruin Carter's chances of getting reelected. He arranged for the US Iranian Embassy hostage crisis to continue until after the presidential election. It is known as the October Surprise. Once in office, the entirely anti-environmental (hostile to the environment), short-sighted, greedy ones with Reagan made clear that chemicals would be introduced without having to be cleared. Also, there would be no thorough tracking system.

Now, scientists in the Arctic are detecting huge quantities of dangerous chemicals being released due to the melting ice.

Read the following article for more detailed information. "Poison ice": As the sea ice melts, a toxic stew of mercury and synthetic chemicals is seeping into the Arctic food web, harming the area's people. We may be next. By Elizabeth Grossman. Salon.com. April 30, 2008.

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