Concerning Karl Rove's insistence to date that he speak only to Congressional committee staff and off the record with no transcript regarding his "alleged" direct involvement of the total subversion of the US Justice Department, Dan Froomkin of writes the following on May 2, 2008 in his article, "What Karl Rove Fears Most":

Yesterday, Conyers and three colleagues fired back: "[A]n interview conducted without a transcript and not under oath would frustrate a full and fair inquiry. An interview without a transcript is an invitation to confusion and will not permit us to obtain a straightforward and clear record, as several of us have explained in response to a similar offer by White House counsel Fred Fielding in the U.S. Attorney matter. . . .

"We simply do not understand why anyone who is prepared to tell the truth would object to an oath and a record of what is said. This is particularly true in this case, where Mr. Rove has already spoken on the record on this subject."

That's firing back? That's not firing back. Firing back is replying with a Congressional subpoena and taking Rove to court if he refuses.

John Conyers is too deferential. He showing Rove respect that is wholly unearned, undeserved, unmerited! Rove is unworthy! I'm not advocating treating Rove to torture to extract information from him. I don't believe in the whole coercive system. However, John Conyers chose to run for his office. The least he can do is do what that office calls for. He can be as good as possible within his job.

His job is oversight of the executive branch. His job is to make sure as much as possible that the executive branch is serving justice as objectively as possible. It is clear that the Bush/Cheney administration has subverted the system as a spoils system for cronyism.

It's John Conyer's job to stop that now. It is his job to reverse it. It is his job to make the system as whole again as possible.

Of course, the system is inherently flawed and will be replaced once enough people come to see that a house cannot stand that serves two masters: God and mammon. Until then though, John Conyer's has taken an oath.

Tom Usher

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