Alderman Charlie Smyth, D-Ward 6, said that though Brumleve's programs are unpleasant, the courts have consistently struck down hate speech ordinances that attempt to limit free speech.

"If we're going to have public access in (a public, educational and government channel), we're between a rock and a hard place and have to follow what the courts say we can do. The best response to this stuff is more speech," via counterprogramming, Smyth said.

Source: "Council unlikely to stop man from airing anti-Semitic views," by Mike Monson. The News-Gazette. May 4, 2008.

The full article is a mishmash. Timothy A. Brumleve, the main figure of the story, holds to a mix of truths and untruths. He holds to partial-truths more often known as half-truths.

Regardless, Alderman Charlie Smyth is absolutely correct that the best counter is more speech.

I say the whole thing is healthy. The things Timothy A. Brumleve asserts need thorough investigation and either support or denunciation or an agreement that a final determination cannot be made based upon available evidence.

The article uses the term "conspiracy theories" as it is often used to drum up instant conditioned response that is wholly negative. However, the article doesn't for instance state that the story that the Twin Towers came down solely by impact and fire is a theory. It is termed the official theory of the US federal government. That theory holds that people conspired to commit 9/11 in the way that theory holds out.

Not everything Timothy A. Brumleve believes is correct or incorrect. It's a mix.

One thing we don't have, because there is not one living human on the face of this Earth who could live up to it is that no one may speak without first being absolutely correct.

Therefore, who sets the standard any higher then Jesus set it. Jesus didn't force anyone to shut up. What does the author of the story want? Jesus spoke truths. Sometimes he was silent — holding his peace. That too is truth.

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