Speaker Pelosi Bolsters Democrats in Birmingham
Posted by Glynn Wilson on May 3rd, 2008

The first woman Speaker of the United States House of Representatives came to Birmingham this week to try and bolster an Alabama Democratic Party that has been rocked by scandal in recent years.

Representative Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco addressed a packed HealthSouth conference center and gave powerful lip service to the "disrupters" in American history, from the founders of the American Revolution to the leaders of the Civil Rights movement.

Yet her remarks were anything but revolutionary or particularly disruptive.

She talked bad about the war in Iraq, the foundering economy and how the Bush administration has turned the Justice Department into a political arm of the White House and the Republican Party's election apparatus, and she received the strongest response when she recognized former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, recently released from prison, to a standing ovation.

But her address was couched in the most politically safe terminology possible, lest she offend some Alabama mother who might see her on the evening news.

She offered very little to the true progressive community in the country or this state.

As I commented to Siegelman after the main show, I considered showing my own disruptive nature by going up to the Speaker and asking her this:

If the Iraq War is so bad, why haven't you led the fight to de-fund it in the Congress?

If the Bush administration is so bad and corrupt, why have you not led the fight to impeach Bush in the House, where impeachment proceedings must begin according to the Constitution?


Why hasn't Pelosi done what is right? The Republicans were sure to get her involved early on concerning torture and other illegal tactics. If she goes after them, they will point back at her that she knew and went along with them. She was told about the torture and did nothing. She didn't stand up to them. She was intimidated. She feared them. She feared for her position. She feared that they would use "national security" to silence her and to label her a traitor, etc. She feared that she wouldn't be able to convince enough of the public to back the truth. She feared the corporate media that is owned by people with a huge interest in expanding Empire at the direct expense of anyone standing in their way. What else could it be? If there are other reasons, they'd only add gasoline to the fire. If there are back room deals or if there is personal dirt, that would only add to her reasons not to fight for truth.

Certainly the reasons she's given in public are extremely weak. The nation is much worse off by not cleaning house. The precedent she is setting is terrible. It should not and will not stick. The system she is supporting will be overturned by truth.

She's been told, yet she won't repent. She hasn't turned to do the right things.

Is she waiting until she thinks it will be safer — when the Democrats have a majority in both houses and hold the presidency? If so, that's a huge error.

The iron was hot immediately after the 2006 elections.

Also, so-called president Bush has the lowest ratings in history.

Nevertheless, he's still very much capable of doing horrendously terrible things. He's foolish enough to attack Iran if the Likudniks and US neocons swell his head with enough fantasy. It doesn't take much. His Threshold is very low. He's not very bright. He's risen way above the level of his incompetency. That makes him a puppet.

If Pelosi is just letting Bush do the Empire's dirty work, taking down potential or upcoming rivals, and thinks she will then criticize and ride even higher on a larger wave against the neocons, the blood will be on her hands too for not having acted in time to stop Bush and his neocon fascists.

She's playing along with them way too much. She is too compromising. She is working it too much. She's willing to do deals with the devil.

She'll agree to a so-called free-trade deal with Columbia in the face of Columbia's fascistic regime killing more labor organizers than anywhere else on the planet and supporting death squads just so she can get some domestic concessions from Bush.

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