If the US bombs Iran's nuclear facilities using tactical nuclear weapons, how will those prevent nuclear radiation from going into the atmosphere and spreading around the whole world? What possible good could this do anyone?

Does anyone seriously believe that Iran would attack Israel even after Hillary Clinton said what every president would do and that is literally wipe Iran off the map?

The Iranians are not suicidal even though they have been foolish not to just back off nuclear energy. They didn't need nuclear energy. They don't need nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is not a good technology given current practices.

So, certain Jews and non-Jew neocons believe or want others to believe that Iran would continue a nuclear weapons program in secret no matter what and would use nuclear weapons against Israel no matter what — in some sort of national act of martyrdom to Allah. That's inane thinking on the part of those Jews and others.

Insanity is ruling this world. Jesus made clear that the prince of this world is satanic. The satanic spirit is the height of confusion. It thinks itself God even while it is God's opposite. It is the satanic spirit that is the war-mongering spirit. Mars, among other gods, is Satan.

Think about it.

Read: Consider the Consequences of Bombing Iran's Nuclear Power Plants, and Pray
by Floyd Rudmin
Global Research, April 29, 2008

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