Look you CIA goons, everybody knows you're behind the following story. Everybody knows your spreading garbage-propaganda via The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and on and on (think more Michael R. Gordon bull, this time concerning Iran). We aren't buying your garbage. We aren't supporting imperial, dynastic, pirates working as the world's plutocrats. Their way is doomed. Wake up, agent whatever your name is. You're a dupe, a minion, brainwashed, hypnotized. You're on the wrong side. Quit being evil! Your soul is on the line!

Files show ties of Venezuela-Colombia rebels: U.S.
Friday, May 9, 2008; 5:28 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's ties to Colombian rebels are deeper than previously thought, U.S. officials said on Friday, following an analysis of files on a dead guerrilla leader's laptops.

The files appear to be authentic and underscore U.S. concerns about Chavez's quest for more influence in the region, an intelligence official said. Their discovery in March raised speculation the United States would put Venezuela on its list of state sponsors of terrorism.

"It (the analysis) reinforces the U.S. government's strong position that Chavez is attempting in various ways to project his influence throughout the region and that influence in some ways could be construed as destabilizing," the intelligence official said.

What a load! This story has been thrown out there over and over, but it has no legs. First they said Chavez was giving hundreds of millions to the FARC. However, a simple reading of the text showed that was a stupid allegation totally unsupported by the text itself.

Now look, of course Chavez is seeking influence throughout the region. It's called foreign policy and diplomacy and business and etc. As far as it being destabilizing, it's only destabilizing to the neocon plan and that's a really good thing. The neocon plan stinks, as we've all seen by way of Iraq.

Look again. Chavez was duly elected in free and fair and highly internationally monitored elections. That's much more than George W. Bush can claim. Chavez was elected by the people of Venezuela to carry out a social-democratic platform. That's what he's doing. The U.S. needs to back off from all the capitalists dung.

The U.S. phony laissez-faire capitalists don't have a right to own Venezuela. They don't have a right to expropriate all of Venezuela's natural resources. The capitalists need to be reigned in by the American people before they start another war and another and another until there's nothing left of the planet.

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