John McCain wanted to be Teddy Roosevelt, but he is compromising during the campaign season (lying) to secure the votes of the reactionaries and false-Zionists.

Nationally syndicated columnist, Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, author of twelve books, has plenty to say about John McCain and the direction of America.

John McCain told her at a dinner party in 2000 that he did not vote for Bush in the 2000 election. McCain denies he told her that. I don't believe him.

Ariana Huffington's latest book is entitled, "Right Is Wrong: How the Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America, Shredded the Constitution, and Made Us All Less Safe (and What You Need to Know to End the Madness)."

Karl Rove is working with John McCain. That should tell you all you need to know.

Ariana Huffington on Democracy Now!

It is now in the New York Times that it was a dinner at Candice Bergen's home in Los Angeles. And it was just before the inauguration in January 2001. And he was talking about how dangerous George Bush is, about how you cannot have a conversation with him because he will just move on to baseball. And at the table with me were also Brad Whitford and Richard Schiff and other—both of them are West Wing actors, among other things. And today in the New York Times in a story by Elizabeth Bumiller, they have both confirmed what John McCain said.

There you have it: Two witnesses. It's Biblical. John McCain is a boldfaced liar. He's no Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy was up front about his positions, even though they were offensive.

You know, Newt Gingrich gave a speech when he first became Speaker about the importance of fighting poverty being more urgent than balancing the budget. And then his first act as Speaker was cutting Medicare in order to balance the budget.

That's how they do it. They say one thing and do another. They always get away with it, because the corporations are run by people who benefit from the tax breaks and cuts in social services regardless of who else gets hurt, including little kids. It's Machiavellian (neocon).

I devoted just one page to Ann Coulter in the book, and I ended that page by saying that life is too short to go on TV with her. And the reason I only devoted one page to her, maybe a paragraph to some of the other toxic curiosities, like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, because I think that the main problem that we're having now are the mainstream media, and not Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and FOX.

The mainstream media lets FOX set the agenda. There's no doubt about that. Even in Congress, they fear FOX despite George W. Bush's low approval ratings and extremely high disapproval ratings – historically poor.

The agents of intolerance. Remember he famously called the religious right—you know, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson—the agents of intolerance. And then he really has completely embraced them and has even sought the endorsement of John Hagee, which has not gotten enough attention in the media.

How right she is! John Hagee is the most dangerous false-Christian out there.

Amy Goodman: Just on the issue of John Hagee, Keith Olbermann yesterday was playing the comments of John Hagee, only this past week, where he had said that Hurricane Katrina was retaliation for a gay rights parade that was going to be taking place, you know, washing away the sin. Then he took that back. Then last week, he stuck right to it again.

Now, Amy is for homosexual rights. The RLCC is not for coercing anyone to stop them from doing evil. We want people to change without being beaten or otherwise punished into it by others. We want their own consciences to convict them. However, Amy is right to point out the forked tongue of John Hagee.

Hagee will say different things to different groups he thinks will never find out about what he saying in different venues. It won't work. His credibility is shot.

Nevertheless, John McCain does not denounce Hagee's obvious lying. Why should he? McCain's a liar too by choice. He doesn't repent when called on it. That's the problem.

We can all forgive one another when we repent. We can all forgive each other our ignorance. It is an entirely different matter though when someone really knows better and persists. That's when their sin remains, as Jesus stated so clearly to the Pharisees.

Ariana points out that John McCain voted against the Bush tax cut twice but now says he will make those tax cuts permanent.

On immigration, in a Republican primary debate, he basically said he would not be voting for his own bill.

Now that's bizarre. Why would anyone not be voting for his own bill? It's a sign of insanity.
Also, McCain gives speeches against torture but then turns around and votes against a bill to prevent the CIA from torturing people. It's sick. He's mentally ill.

[T]he most dangerous thing that could happen to this country is electing John McCain in 2008, because this country absolutely cannot afford a third term of George Bush, and that's what John McCain would be offering.


[T]he center has shifted. What used to be considered leftwing positions—you know, pulling out of Iraq, universal healthcare, corporate responsibility, doing something about global warming—are now completely mainstream positions. You know, we have 60, 70 percent of people in favor of these positions. The right has shrunk. The right is that 28 percent will still approve of George Bush. But the media still insists on describing everything as right versus left.

Yes, the center has shifted, but it's still sitting on the false spectrum. It's still sitting in the divided house that cannot stand. Some of that 28 percent is irreconcilable with the remainder. There is no system that will hold this house together. That's what Jesus came to show. We need universal repentance, and all those who refuse will be divided away. The righteous cannot be saved with the iniquitous in tow.

Now look, we all sin. What we have to do is repent every time we do anything that isn't good. It's the only way to develop the conscience necessary to get on the right path and to keep getting back on it every time we stray even just a little.

I'm not against John McCain. I'm for him. I'm for him hearing, seeing, and feeling the truth in his heart and then repenting. I don't want John falling further. That's why I'm writing all this. I'm not out to get him. I'm not out to get anyone. I don't do that, because I don't want anyone coming at me in that spirit. The got-ya spirit isn't conducive to correction. It just facilitates more of the same: Retaliation, vengeance that's evil.


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