Now, if you read what Rabbis for Human Rights say they are about, it sounds good on the surface. However, in searching the site, I could find no support for the Palestinians' right of return. They are false-Zionists although not the extremely venomous variety. They don't though say, that I could spot, that Jews had no right to horn in. Please point me to anything to the contrary, as I would be pleased to read it.

Human rights are good, but consistency is required to completely be for human rights. It is a violation of human rights to horn in just as it is a violation of human rights to deprive others.

The Jews and Palestinians must live together as brothers and sisters. They must have the same God and the same path to God. Righteousness is righteousness. It isn't divided against itself. Jesus taught this clearly and much better than Mohammed or Moses ever dreamed of doing.

There are interesting things on their site. It says that the Palestinians and other Arabs are promoting the notion that Jesus was Palestinian rather than Jewish.

I remember in the Gospel where the Jews refer to Jesus as a Samaritan. Jesus doesn't answer the charge. He was from a Samaritan area or an area heavily populated with Samaritans. However, elsewhere in the Gospel Jesus refers to himself as a Jew, saying we Jews know in what we believe, meaning the Jews know who God is.

Of course, Mohammed built his empire upon turning The Bible inside out. This move by the current day Muslims is simply a continuation of that same denial and revisionism. What it is, is a counter-attack. It's counter psyops really.

The Germans did it under the Nazis. They tried to turn Jesus into an Aryan. It's a standard ploy.

The Mormons for instance claim that the Christianity of the RLCC is based upon text so subverted that I am following a misleading version of the message of Jesus. Well, considering that the message I'm following is the most perfect of which I can conceive, I know they are mistaken.

The subverters always reduce the rigor. They always loosen up to allow them to do things that are forbidden on the narrow way to perfection and oneness with God in the highest Heaven. However, if we don't know what it takes to be perfect, we will fall even lower of the mark no matter what.

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