Arab Israelis' status on 60th anniversary of Israel's establishment
Tehran, May 10, IRNA

Arab Israelis-60th Anniversary

Israel is celebrating 60th anniversary of its establishment under such conditions that a 5th of its population, merely due to their resistance against plots hatched by Zionism to deport entire Arabs remaining there after 1948 occupation, still enjoy least level of civil rights, have lowest possible political participation and live at lowest social status.

The Arab Israelis on the verge of the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish government are still not benefitted from an annual budget to meet their least natural demands, just like all those sad 60 years behind.

According to Muhammad Barakah, the leader of Hadash Party and that party's representative at the Parliament (only Arab at Israeli parliamnt throughout its history), in Israel's 2008 Budget Bill, that is the most unprecedented budget in the history of that regime, the Arab Israeli's share is merely a bit over 4% (Yideot Aharonet, Dec.

18, 2007).

That is while the Arab Israelis comprise 20% of Israel's population.

Sixty years of forced coexistence between the Arabs and the Jews in occupied territories in 1948 has led to transferring the anti-Arab tendencies of the Israeli government to the society as well, since the level of discrimination observed against Israel's Arab citizens finds wider dimensions with the passage of each new day.

Israel's Civil Rights Association that was established in the year 2007 on the verge of the International Human Rights Week in a recent report announced that some 50% of the population of Israel are opposed to the idea that the Arab and Jewish Israelis should enjoy equal civil rights, while 78% of them are opposed to the idea that Arab political parties should have representatives at government bodies. (Ha Aretz, Dec. 9, 2007).

Furthermore, talks on giving away Israel's Arab residing regions to the Self-Rule Palestinian Authroty (PA) in return for keeping the Zionist townships within the West Bank during the course of the past few months in Israeli media, press, and political circles, which was initially denied as rumors, was finally vastly confirmed as true by Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Haim Ramon (Arwatz Shwa, Dec. 17, 2007).

The fact that such an idea has hit the minds of Israeli leaders revels that the Zionist regime fears lest the Jewish identity of it would be weakened in the future, and thus, efforts aimed at ratifying a new constitution in which a solid Jewish nation would need to be mentioned would be put at stake has arouse no certain objection on the part of the Western human rights groups thus far though.

All the same, the contents of this law, and the definitions included in it can very well revel the real nature of the Zionist regime and its Western supporters, particularly the arrogant US administration and some European governments.

4% for 20% is terrible. Also, "some 50% of the population of Israel are opposed to the idea that the Arab and Jewish Israelis should enjoy equal civil rights, while 78% of them are opposed to the idea that Arab political parties should have representatives at government bodies." Now that too is very revealing. How can Americans who claim to be so much for democracy and equal rights, etc., support this in good conscience?

I'm not for the current systems in Israel or the U.S., but those in the U.S. who claim the American system is so great have no business supporting Israel's current regime. It's doubly hypocritical. It's hypocritical on the level of Christian principles (hypocritical in the way Jesus pointed out), and then it's hypocritical in how inconsistent it is with American's own written values in its Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and particularly its Bill of Rights. Also, the Israelis aren't even living up to their own Constitution, which has statements exactly opposed to what they are doing. Lastly, it is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights concerning which the U.S. and Israel have bound themselves, along with each and every one of the other members states of the United Nations.

When are the nations going to live up to their own declarations?

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