Hate-speech laws are stupid. It is good and proper to hate evil. What is or isn't evil is up to the individual to accept or reject under freedom of conscience and religion and political speech and on and on.

The idea that some people can tell others that they may not say, write, or depict anything in any way that might offend anyone else on account of race, religion, age, disability, sex, marital status, or sexual orientation is lame. It is offensive in and of itself.

I don't hold with coercion and punishment. I've said that over and over. I don't hold with racism or negative discrimination in my mind and heart on account of age, sex, or marital status (barring polygamy, which polygamy I hold against). Concerning the religions of others, what I think constitutes disabilities of choice, and what I consider harmful sexual behavior, those things are up to me (with the guidance of God), not the secular state. It's not their business. They need to butt out.

In real Christianity, we can only say to others that they ought not to say thus and such. We cannot force them. If they don't feel the movement of the Holy Spirit in such matters, so be it. They are not of the fold, but we cannot punish them with intent in our hearts. We cannot either shield them from the consequences of their errors. Now that's my religion.

However, the secular state will come along and in the name of protecting my religious freedom, will attempt to take away my ability to hold forth with my religious beliefs that others may accept or reject without coercion from me. Now that's just hypocrisy on the part of that state.

That's why that state won't survive. It can't. It's inherently hypocritical, and all things hypocritical will fall away. That's the direction in which everything is inevitably moving. It's where history is taking us.

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