It always has to get bad before people can see the folly of the path down which they've been led by choosing selfish leaders rather than unselfish.

Clinton's Democratic Leadership Council that turned its back on the common people in favor of the falsehood of trickle-down economics rather than stepping up to educate the common people about the beauty of cooperation over competition and of unselfishness over selfishness is one of the main reasons for why the U.S. is crashing — and it is crashing.

It can be saved though by overhauling from the roots up. It needs a complete change of heart. It needs a radical reformation. It needs to have as it's core the New Commandment. Nothing else will suffice. Everything else will be smoke and mirrors, voodoo, illusory.

See: "Bill Clinton's Role in the Mortgage Crisis," by Ralph Brauer.

The American people will have to go way beyond New Deal compromising. It will be all or nothing in the end. Don't let the world bankers make the decision for you. What is best for the common people is what is best, and what is best is unselfishness that is real love.

Tom Usher

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