The material by Laurence M. Vance block quoted below is right with the exception that it wrongly uses the name Christian. The people Laurence (the author) calls Christians aren't.

He says that anti-war should be a no-brainer for Christians. Well, the fact is that it is a no-brainer for Christians.

Actually, the expression "a given" ought to be substituted for "no-brainer" if only to avoid the idea that it doesn't take brains to be a real Christian. It is a given that war (other than spiritual) is evil and is never promoted by Jesus.

Even spiritual warfare must be viewed within the fullest context of the Gospel of Jesus. Love displaces evil without doing any harm (Christians are to be as harmless as doves).

Don't call non-Christians (violent, greedy, sexually depraved: Harmful) Christians. They are pretenders. They are false-Christians: Fakes, phonies.

The Christian's attitude toward the state, its leaders, its military, its wars, its imperialism, and its interventionism should be a no-brainer: contempt, disdain, disgust, revulsion, abhorrence, repugnance, loathing – take your pick. Yet, among Christians one continues to find some of the greatest apologists for the state, its leaders, its institutions, and its evil doings.

Biblical Christianity is becoming eclipsed by state worship. The "obey the powers that be" mantra is still recited incessantly. The state is revered by too many Protestants as a force for good or social justice instead of the criminal gang that it is. The state's latest pronouncements about this country or that country being a threat to American interests are too often accepted by evangelicals at face value. The need for the invasion of, the bombing of, the imposing of sanctions against, or the need to take some other belligerent action toward other countries is swallowed by some Catholics like a communion wafer.

Biblical Christianity is also being eclipsed by leader worship. Instead of being viewed as a war criminal, President Bush is seen as the messiah in chief by many evangelicals, with Huckabee as his heir apparent. Any president will do, however, as long as he is a Republican, claims to be a Christian, and wants to continue killing Muslims lest they kill us first because they hate our freedoms. In spite of Bush's horrendous violations of civil liberties, his doubling of the national debt, his debacle in Iraq, and his tremendous expansion of the power of the presidency, he is still revered by way too many Christians both in and out of the evangelical community.

Biblical Christianity has been partially eclipsed by war. Some of the greatest defenders of Bush's war in Iraq are Christians. This was true when the United States first invaded Iraq, and it is just as true now, five years later. It doesn't seem to matter how senseless the war, as long as it is a Republican war.


Laurence M. Vance ... writes from Pensacola, FL. His latest book is a new and greatly expanded edition of Christianity and War and Other Essays Against the Warfare State.

"Christianity in Eclipse," by Laurence M. Vance. May 6, 2008.

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