If we were to use real statistics, we would see that we have double-digit inflation and unemployment. I've been pointing out for years the ruses used. Systemic unemployment and redefining the goods in the basket of goods used in determining the cost of living are just two of the diabolical methods used by the evil powers to trick the common people into following the terribly stupid leadership of those powers.

See: "Hard numbers: The economy is worse than you know," by Kevin Phillips. Harper's Magazine. April 27, 2008. Kevin does a good job of organizing and cataloguing the abuses.

Understand that Kevin is dead wrong about when he writes, "Let me stipulate: The deception arose gradually, at no stage stemming from any concerted or cynical scheme. There was no grand conspiracy, just accumulating opportunisms."

He's being cowardly here. There is no doubt whatsoever that the richest of the rich gather at their meeting tables and decide the fate of the worldly world. They know full well in advance all that Kevin writes about after-the-fact. The super rich are the ones who hire done what gets done. If people won't do what those astronomically rich ones want, the money gets cut off. It's that simple.

The world bankers and the so-called intellectuals they employ do, in very truth, decide the direction of their worldly world. What they want outweighs what most whole nations want, simply because with all their money, their "votes" count millions of times more than the common person's.

How they got in their positions is a matter of documented history. Most wealthy families got there via deeply evil doings. Most of them then pay public relations people to spin history to excuse and even laud the evil. They turn bitter into sweet but only in the imagination. They aren't fooling God, ever!

The job of PR people is made all the more easy since the ultra rich own the media outlets and major publishing houses. It's all incestuous.

If you want to be "rich," just do their beck and call and don't worry about the highest ethical standards. Spin everything and cover your own rear end. However, after being "successful" and "rich" in mammon, be prepared to pay the evil spirit that really does exist beyond the flesh.

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