There's a highly stupid National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 13839, entitled, "Is There an "Emboldenment" Effect? Evidence from the Insurgency in Iraq," by Harvard University scholars, Radha Iyengar and Jonathan Monten. It's being cited by war-mongers and Empire builders as some kind of reason why people should be pro-war and pro-Empire. See here: "Does Protest Embolden the Iraqi Insurgency?" by Camillo "Mac" Bica. Foreign Policy In Focus. May 12, 2008.

Who needed a study to show that the enemies of the Empire will take heart from the enemies of war-mongering and Empire building within the Empire? Tell us something we didn't already know.

Of course if all 300 million sum Americans were uniformly war-mongers the Iraqi resistance would feel that their cause of ousting the illegal occupation would be that much harder. That's no revelation. That's common knowledge. So what?

If you think it reason to support war and illegal Empire, you're crazy!

Guess what, if no one ever said anything against evil, we'd all be in the deepest bowels of Hell and no one would ever have any hope. Should we do that? The very question is as stupid as Hell. Of course we shouldn't. In fact, the more we speak out against the violence of the Empire, the better.

Now, if the violent resist the violent and the violent are killing in higher number, because the truth-tellers are doing just that (telling the truth that war kills), then take a clue and stop fighting. Otherwise, you're just making yourselves out to be morons.

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