The resources exist to abolish suffering and want, as well as to minimise the impact of natural disasters such as Cyclone Nargis. Over the past three decades, the globalisation of production has vastly expanded mankind's economic capacity, establishing the basis for the rational planning and deployment of resources on a world scale to ensure a decent standard of living for people in every part of the globe. Under capitalism, however, this huge economic and scientific capacity is exploited to provide profits for the wealthy few, while the vast majority, including in the major industrialised countries, struggle to survive from day to day.

Poverty and unemployment are no aberration. The vast layers of the world's urban and rural poor are an essential feature of global capitalism. They form a vast reserve army of labour that is used as a constant downward pressure on the wages and conditions of the working class internationally. The only means for abolishing the immense and deepening chasm between rich and poor is through the revolutionary restructuring of society along socialist lines, so that the burning needs of the overwhelming majority of humanity take precedence over the profit requirements of the few.

Source: "Why the propaganda campaign for international intervention in Burma?" by Peter Symonds. World Socialist Web Site. May 10, 2008.

The concept that what is needed is the "revolutionary restructuring of society along socialist lines" needs to be qualified. Revolution must be peaceful. "Socialist lines" needs to be understood as un-coerced freedom to engage everywhere in a giving-and-sharing economy. Violent revolution is forbidden just as is coercion in attempting to bring forth the spirit of sharing.

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