The Southern Baptists have routinely been said to comprise 16 million members. However, that figure is highly inflated according to some members of that group.

The post, "Marty Sandiego Is Not Who We Thought He Was," and commentary at explains the data. It also discusses what ought to be done. What is happening, why, and what to do about it are important questions not just for Southern Baptists but also for everyone.

People are not falling into line with the old expectations. Too much of what has passed as Christianity has been exposed as hypocritical. Not every young person can put his or her finger on it that succinctly, but hypocrisy is a large part of what is bothering the young. In fact, in ways unknown to them and even if they totally reject the message of Jesus out of ignorance, hypocrisy lies at the heart of all that is wrong. That though is not something anyone can be forced to comprehend. There are those who will go off as the goats (unbelievers, unenlightened) and won't come back in this age or the age to come, per Jesus.

As for what to do, the Southern Baptists are heavy on communal prayer and witnessing as to the saving nature of the word. However, what they don't do is go all the way with what Jesus held out by example. They are clearly breaking up over this.

Many of them are realizing that creation care as they call environmentalism is a requirement. It is after all the Golden Rule. How can anyone mess up another person's home let alone do it to the degree where it heads closer and closer to becoming inhospitable for flesh life?

Those who don't hold with the Golden Rule and who wish for the focus to remain inconsistently upon just homosexuality and abortion are stiff-neckedly refusing to go with the fold of Jesus closer to God.

Homosexuality and abortion are important issues concerning harm; however, unless the principal reason why that is so is also applied to all the other issues facing humanity, then there is inconsistency and a wrong ordering of priorities. There are many weighty matters.

Jesus came though to divide. Therefore, splitting houses divided over issues of right and wrong is inherent in this life. It is a good thing for those who will turn toward God and move ever closer in the spirit of real unity.

What needs to be done is for people to be real Christians by doing only that which is consistent with what Jesus exemplified and taught in the words from his mouth.

If he said to feed the people, which he did, then it is incumbent upon the Southern Baptists and everyone else calling himself or herself Christian to work together to do just that and not just in dire, widespread emergencies but in everyday life.

There are people for whom the lack of food means the end of their flesh lives. Each one of those people microcosmically is the whole of existence.

How we treat each soul is how each of us will be treated in the end. The only way out of that is via turning, repenting, and toning through the deeds called for by the saving message Jesus brought to Earth.

It is the highest priority since it is what Jesus literally commanded. He said to do the big things and the little things since that's consistency. Failing either is hypocrisy. Jesus detests hypocrisy and rightly so. The Southern Baptists need to cast off all theology that runs contrary to this.

Calvinism is a prime culprit. Calvin was okay with that which was decidedly antichrist. Jesus was a total pacifist. Calvin was not.

Yes, Jesus spoke of wars and visions of people being cast out into utter darkness and being thrown into the Lake of Fire and so forth. He spoke of souls being slaughtered before the King. However, he made absolutely clear that both God and he are not judging or condemning anyone. That is something the Southern Baptists just haven't come to reconcile. They have accepted the violence as being by the hand of God rather than realizing the dichotomy of spirit.

The spirit taken as a whole is as a split personality. However, the two extremes of personality are irreconcilable. This is a difficult concept to grasp for most. They didn't all grasp it when Jesus walked the Earth, and people aren't grasping it now.

God is the extreme of righteousness. That's why God doesn't judge or condemn. One iota from God and evil is present that is capable of selfish devouring and destroying. Jesus made clear that if there is any darkness, it is totally dark.

God is perfect goodness according to Jesus. There is no darkness in God. God doesn't fall to wrath. We are to strive for that (perfection), for that is what he said in his Sermon on the Mount.

It means that if we all will stop all selfishness that is putting our closest DNA relatives and ourselves first, the world will move more and more away from judging, condemning, devouring, and destroying.

Therefore, the Southern Baptists must do the following:
1) Give up all militarism
2) Turn as much as possible away from false economic principles that are based upon selfishness
3) Be consistently unselfish (put the good of all first) in all things, including sexual
4) Get completely beyond DNA as the basis of who should receive good, fair, just treatment and look solely to the spirit of worthiness, which spirit is itself the unselfish spirit.

This is perfectly circular reasoning, which means it is consistent in the big picture and smallest detail conceivable. It is not fallacious logic. There is no hypocrisy in it. What is best is to be extended to the best. The best extend what is best to all. In that way, righteousness comes to the fore and unrighteousness literally disappears.

Southern Baptists need to help with the Christian Commons Project™.

The people need the Commons back. It was the gift of God to all. It was their inheritance that the greedy stole from them, just as the tenet farmers killed the landlord's son in the parable Jesus teaches in the scripture.

What happened to those murderers? The Lord of the land is expected to come and rip them apart. Many assume that that Lord is God or is Jesus returned. However, it is the spirit of wrath that itself ends up reaping wrath.

Evil must come, but woe to the wrathful one also. Evil is visited upon evil. It harms the innocent, but Jesus believes God receives the innocent and so do I.

Well, wrap your heart around all of this. Have your mind follow it. Your deeds will reflect it. Together, we will bring forth fruits worthy of repentance.

Help please.

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