George W. Bush is an unrepentant pathological liar. He lied and lied and lied about Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Every time he was caught in a lie, he just switched to another pretext. It was one false reason after another.

Now he goes to Israel and says the Democrats are appeasing the terrorists (resistance fighters in their own eyes) he equates with Hitler.

Let's see. First of all, his own family was deeply involved with the Nazis well into the war. The FBI finally had to shut down the German bank in the U.S. the Bushes were running. His own father gave pro-eugenics speeches while in the U.S. Congress. His father taught him to lie. George H. W. Bush, George W.'s father, lied bold faced to the whole world about the incubator babies in Kuwait. It was the tipping point for the American people who were outraged that anyone could do such a thing (throw incubator babies on the floor to die). Only it never happened, just like the yellow-cake deal never happen. The Yellow Cake speech George W. Bush gave was the tipping point for many fence sitters in the lead up to the invasion of 2003. Like father like son in this case.

His father pardoned all the crooks from the Iran-Contra scandal. He had been the Vice President in the Reagan administration that negotiated with Iran in secret. He lied about the invasion of Panama. He lied about never having been a CIA agent. The list goes on an on.

George W. Bush has never publicly said they (the Bushes) were wrong about any of those things did he? Even if he were to say they were wrong, it who be in a shallow, light and airy way with a shrug of the shoulders as if to say who cares?

Who has been terrorizing whom? Did Bush lie the U.S. into war and terrorize people? He absolutely did. He's still doing it. Therefore, he's right that the Democrats are appeasing terrorists. They've been appeasing terrorists right in the White House.

What the Democrats need is a spinal replacement. They need to start impeachment hearings right now. They need to send the signal to the rest of the world. They need to set the precedent that the American people aren't going to tolerate anyone in the oval office lying the nation into war or doing any of the other myriad high crimes George W. Bush and his whole inner circle conspired to do and did do.

Tom Usher

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