When I was a boy, my fleshly father taught me a valuable concept. He would say of a man who would swing his positions around against principle that he was "sticking his finger in his mouth and then in the air to see which way the wind is blowing." In other words, there are people who just go along with whatever will further them at the time. Those people won't stand on principle.

John Hagee is one who sticks his finger in his mouth and then in the air to see which way the wind if blowing on mundane issues. (See: "Televangelist John Hagee apologizes to Catholics," by Jim Kuhnhenn. Associated Press Writer. May 13, 2008.)

Right now, Hagee is mainstreaming himself. He rose on fringe ideas. Now that he has a large enough following to get the attention he sought amongst Jews and Roman Catholics and others, he's conveniently changing his lifelong positions, not that he was right before. He wasn't. However, he's not changing to what is right either.

He's sucking up to Roman Catholics.

Look, Roman Catholics and Roman Catholicism is a mixed bag; however, what is Hagee going to do about the issue of the religious infallibility of the popes, which is an obviously stupid doctrine? What's he going to do about the RC's hierarchical structure, apostolic succession, traditionalism, and wrong-headed dogma? What's his position on the pedophilia that has run rampant with RC priests? What's his position on the basic foundation of the RC's that is Constantine's worldly, militant Empire?

Well, Hagee certainly isn't against militarism. He's a war-monger after all. He can hardly wait for the U.S. to incinerate the Iranian people.

To be sure, the RC's have apologized for many past errors. That's partial repentance. They need to go all the way though. They're still officially capitalistic by and large (a huge error).

Of course, we all know this is about John McCain and the Republican Party and fascism in general (state-capitalist corporate rule).

As for Hagee's remarks about Hurricane Katrina being God's judgment on the people of New Orleans, he doesn't understand that Hurricane Katrina is a direct result of the continuing selfishness of both individuals and humanity in general (collectively).

As for the feminist movement being "rebellion against God's pattern for the family," he doesn't know what God's pattern for the family truly is. Women aren't to be beaten down. They are to be taken on their merits just as men are to be taken on theirs. There are women who are very powerful voices for good, more powerful than many of their husbands. That's just a fact. Nothing Jesus is recorded as having said or done indicates that he didn't view women in that light.

Let me be absolutely clear here, it doesn't matter what Paul may or may not have written that is recorded in what are claimed to be his letters (epistles) that run contrary to what I just wrote. Never put writings attributed to Paul above the teachings of Jesus!

Also, if you want to be a real Christian, understand that you have no part in choosing the leaders of the worldly world. Voting for people to become secular officials is taking part in that which has no part in Jesus, nor he in it.

Real Christians are for the new wineskin (new state, new Earth, new Heaven) to come.

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