Bible Student Threatened for Teaching Constitution
Kurt Nimmo
May 12, 2008
On the Alex Jones Show today, a bible student at a large Christian college in Mount Vernon, Texas, related a story of intimidation as Department of Homeland Security goons dressed in black accused him of engaging in terrorism for teaching a group of Boy Scouts about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I am not out to harm Alex Jones. I also say openly that he makes many valid points. However, this bible student didn't identify himself. Alex says he told the person that it would be up to that person as to whether or not he had to identify himself. Well, Alex doesn't tell the person that not identifying himself harms the whole point of freedom of political speech.

Also, Alex goes on about gun rights. Okay, I'm not going to take them away, but whom is he going to shoot?

If they want to come take me away and crucify me, Alex needs to remember that Peter told them to crucify him upside down on account of Peter's unworthiness to be crucified as Jesus was crucify.

Jesus told Peter to put up his sword. From that point on, we don't see Peter being the militant Zealot. We finally see him taking up his cross upon which they (the world order) murdered him, as they murdered Jesus.

What is Alex ultimately preaching? What's he selling? It isn't Christianity even though he calls himself Christian. He'd fit himself right in with the Deists of the misnomered Age of Enlightenment.

He says that the federal authorities teach against the Bill of Rights and that George Washington and the other founders were terrorists. No doubt some do. However, we don't know if the percentage of fascists has generally increased but rather just come to the surface. They've always been present at the crucifixions of the repentant and atoning.

George Washington fought the British crown with the same weapons used by the British crown in its attempt to keep the American colonists under its authority. They lost. That doesn't mean that Washington was a saint. He wasn't even close to that. He didn't help found a real Christian state. He couldn't with those tools.

There never has been a real Christian state in the mundane, because all such states pretending to such have resorted to Christian-disqualifying violence and coercion.

Someday for the first time, the people will try Christianity as their law and state. Then peace will reign without anyone disputing.

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