George W. Bush recently said the following:

So our position, my government's position, is to support the Siniora government, is to beef up his army, so that he can have a chance to respond to the people who are acting outside the confines of government. And, you know, Hezbollah would be nothing without Iranian support, and Iranians are the crux of many of the problems in the Middle East, whether it be funding of Hezbollah, funding of Hamas, or obviously actions within the young democracy of Iraq. So a lot of my trip is going to be to get people to focus not only on Lebanon, remember Lebanon, but also remember that Iran causes a lot of the problems.

Who "causes a lot of the problems"? First of all, problems with what, with being anti-Bush, anti-neocon, anti-worldly Empire, anti-neoliberal-economics, anti-foreign invasion and occupation, anti-oil theft, and anti-land theft?

George W. Bush is just sucking up to false-Zionists for the sake of Republican financial dealings. Of course, he burns the candle at both ends by being a great friend of the Saudis who back Wahhabism and fund the Sunni fighters in Iraq against the Shiites. You don't ever hear him going after the Saudis even when the Saudis do huge illegal arms deals with the British, among other crimes. That's because they have billions and do private deals with Bush's family and inner circle of friends.

George W. Bush also said the following:

They know that the Iraqi government, along with the US government, wants them to stop sending their weapons from Iran into Iraq, all aiming to kill innocent people. That's what they're doing. They're being very—you know, they're not being constructive at all. But they absolutely know our position, and when we catch them doing it, they'll be brought to justice, and we are catching them doing it right now.

"... and we are catching them doing it right now." You mean you are busily coming up with some fabricated evidence. How can anyone ever believe this pathological liar?

Frankly, it doesn't even matter if Iran is funding Hezbollah or Hamas or Shiite resistance fighters in Iraq in terms of what Bush thinks ought to be done about any of it. That's because Bush had no business invading Iraq and the U.S. and other powers had no business giving other people's land away to European Jews, as much as one rightfully feels for the plight of the Jews especially surrounding the events of WWII.

As the old saying goes, though, "Two wrongs don't make a right." Taking away the homes and lands of people in Palestine without even full economic compensation and help and assistance with proper resettling didn't make anything right. It was a wrong on top of a wrong. If those people didn't want to move under any circumstances, no one had the right to force them out. The powers don't have imminent domain over the Earth. They are just self-authorized (arrogant), and will fall. They aren't powers established by God but rather by the enemies of God.

As for Iran and Hezbollah and Hamas and the Shiite resistance fighters in Iraq, they all have legitimate grievances with the U.S. and other powers and with Israel. Those legitimate grievances ought properly to be redressed. Unless and until they are, which means negotiating peace in earnest with an eye to making all parties whole, the region and the whole world will continue becoming more and more unsettled. There may be ups and downs in areas, but the general direction will continue unabatedly down.

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