George W. Bush has absolutely zero evidence that Iran wants nuclear weapons or has a program for developing nuclear weapons. He has no more evidence against the Iranians than he had against Saddam Hussein, which was none.

He says it is "abundantly clear to everybody that we have got to work together to stop you [Iran] from having a nuclear weapon." Who's "everybody"?

Actually, it is abundantly clear to everybody that George W. Bush is a pathological liar and megalomaniac who needs to be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible.

If he had had any evidence, he would have rolled it out ages ago. All they are doing now is fabricating evidence. They're going to obtain "Iranian" arms and then frame Iran. They're going to come up with high-tech fake documents or audio or video in order to create a pretext to attack. What they really want to do is provoke Iran into fighting. They'd also love to do another false-flag operation they could blame on Iran.

Here's the deal. George W. Bush has no credibility. It no longer matters what he rolls out. He can't be trusted at all. He's cried wolf more times than anyone but God can know.

If the Democrats don't stop him by impeaching him now, they will be responsible right along with him for the blood. They better cut off the money and start the impeachment.

Tom Usher

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