...the Zionists wanted a territory free of non-Jews in a territory full of non-Jews, and therefore, they had to get rid of the non-Jews in order to make it a territory for Jews. Now, those non-Jews (i.e. the Palestinians), of course, didn't want to be dispossessed. They resisted being dispossessed, and hence, you have a conflict. — Palestinian Writer and Doctor Ghada Karmi the end of the nineteenth century, when the Zionists in Europe, Jews, group of Jews who formed the Zionist movement, held a very big congress, a conference in Basel in Switzerland, at which they decided that the only way to solve the Jewish question in Europe, the question of persecution, was for the Jews to have a state of their own. So they said, we have to create a Jewish state that can be a refuge for us, where we can be normal people, where we don't have to be hounded, persecuted, etc. And they decided that that state was to be in Palestine.

Now, they didn't know what Palestine was like. They were sitting in Europe. They didn't know about it, so they sent a couple of rabbis to this place called Palestine, and they said, "Let us know if this is a suitable place." The rabbis went, they had a look, and they sent back this message to Vienna: they said, "The bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man." Now, of course, it's clear what they were saying is, yes, the land is very suitable, it's wonderful, but it's full of other people, it's already taken.

Source: "As Palestinians Mark 60th Anniversary of Their Dispossession, a Conversation with Palestinian Writer and Doctor Ghada Karmi." Democracy Now!. May 15, 2008.

However, the Zionists today want us to believe their slogan that Palestine at that time was "A land without people for a people without land." It's a huge lie we totally reject. It goes right along with the lie that the Palestinians weren't forced away by violence and threats of violence. They also dispute that the origin of "The bride is beautiful, but she is married" was as reported above.

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