That's "mo" for momentum. That's, because the false-Zionists were wrong on every front. They were looking for a kind of nationalism at exactly the time when that kind of nationalism was about to hit the skids in the eyes of Americans.

Israel is losing traction fast and is skidding off the path. It's founding was based upon wholly illegitimate constructs.

Americans had to rev up anti-racist sentiments to justify much of the anti-Nazi campaign. Americans had to build up the idea that nation-states built upon one "pure" ethnic group are contrary to the "right" American experiment.

Ironically, it was many of the Jews in the U.S. who drove much of the anti-Nazi rhetoric and propaganda. They made sure that anti-Semitism was from then on to be seen as anti-American. They made sure that they drove home the point that a nation can't be based upon ideas of "superior" rights of one ethnic group over another. However, the false-Zionists deny the equal rights of Arabs in Palestine/Israel, and everybody knows this.

The Afrikaners attempted to hold onto their dominance based upon the superior rights of the Whites over the Blacks in South Africa. The Whites in America, including the vast majority of Jews, clamped down on the Afrikaners until the world made it clear that those Whites would have to relinquish all racist control.

The false-Zionists in Israel now face the exact same logic and morality used against the Afrikaners. Trying to point out differences between South Africa and Palestine/Israel will not remove the operative points.

Also, how else could America justify the Civil War, which so many in the U.S. claim was a war to end slavery when in fact it was a war to maintain and further Empire. Ending slavery sounded better. It went over better on account of the fact that it is better.

So right after WWII fought against the most pernicious form of nationalism, the Jews do the unthinkable. They file into Palestine and drive out those who were already there. They do it on the basis of ethnicity. They do it for nationalism (not the anti-imperialism variety), which was then repudiated.

The whole Zionist project was fatally flawed from the start. It just wasn't and isn't the right way to go about obtaining a home — taking someone else's who hadn't done anything against you and taking it by force and bloodshed and death.

So, Olmert's fear is coming true. The Palestinians are asking for their moral and legal right of return and for equality and democracy with Palestine/Israel being one state with pretty much the U.S. Bill of Rights and many other anti-Zionist documents as the model.

Frankly, the Jews should jump at the opportunity. Contrary to being eaten alive by the Arabs, they'd make tens of millions and even billions of friends they've never had before in their entire history.

Understand that the false-Zionists brought this upon themselves.

The RLCC (Real Liberal Christian Church) doesn't hold with coercion. We don't think people ought to be forced to live with others with whom they don't wish to live. However, we also don't hold with people who steal other people's homes and lands and force those others into refugee status in their own land or in other states.

See: "Israel's twilight years," by Khaled Amayreh. Palestinians are increasingly rejecting the crumbs of a two-state solution in favour of justice for all in a single state, Palestine, writes Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah. AL-AHRAM. May 15 – 21, 2008.

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