You Can't Soak the Rich
May 20, 2008; Page A23
The Wall Street Journal

Kurt Hauser is a San Francisco investment economist who, 15 years ago, published fresh and eye-opening data about the federal tax system. His findings imply that there are draconian constraints on the ability of tax-rate increases to generate fresh revenues. I think his discovery deserves to be called Hauser's Law, because it is as central to the economics of taxation as Boyle's Law is to the physics of gases. Yet economists and policy makers are barely aware of it.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....

That whole piece ignores educating people about the benefits of cooperation. The capitalists have always striven mightily to quash all education about cooperation that isn't competitive-team oriented. Well, all we really need is one team without any other humans against whom to compete. All we need is real Christianity where everyone really loves rather than works to gain at the negative expense of others.

The whole piece ignores the true negative costs of the entire system it seeks to promote. It doesn't factor in the costs of pollution and depletion and species extinction, etc. It doesn't measure the overall quality of life for everyone over the long haul. It doesn't measure the costs of weapons manufacturing and use (death, destruction, disabilities, psychological scarring, etc.).

It's a very shortsighted and selective view. It's wrong in other words. It isn't the best approach. The author is a dupe, a minion of the plutocrats who pay people to sit around conjuring up ways of couching greed in ways that will fool many of the people much of the time until they wake up to the truth being concealed by the likes of Kurt Hauser and the author David Ranson.

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The RLCC isn't for taxes at all. It isn't for money. There are no taxes in Heaven. There is no money in Heaven. Nobody needs a medium of exchange, because everybody serves everybody. See the light. Displace the current system that is based upon evil (selfishness). Turn to Christianity.

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