The Economist Intelligence Unit is dreaming. The U.S. is illegally occupying Iraq and is threatening Iran. It has been attacking Somalia at will. It has been operating dozens of prisons around the world where it keeps people locked up at will and without benefit of trial (zero due process). It has been caught torturing and murdering people. It also has not-so-covert covert operations on-going around the globe in which it routinely instigates violence. There is no doubt the U.S. is the most aggressive nation in the world with Israel not too far behind only on account of its smaller size.

Who sells more weapons than the U.S.?

Who props up more dictators than does the U.S.?

Global Peace Index: Israel hits rock bottom

Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Israel 136th out of 140 countries, alongside Afghanistan, Chad

Reuters Published: 05.20.08, 23:38 / Israel News

Iceland is the world's most peaceful nation while Israel ranked 136th out of 140 nations, according to the "Global Peace Index," compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The study ranked the United States 97th out of 140 countries according to how peaceful they were domestically and how they interacted with the outside world.


The index looks at 24 indicators of external and internal measures of peace, including UN deployments overseas and levels of violent crime, respect for human rights, the number of soldiers killed overseas and arms sales.

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