The problems with the following statement are legend. PNAC (The Project for the New American Century) actually wrote that it would take another Pearl Harbor to get the American people to be willing to go to war against the enemies the neocons designated. The members at the time of PNAC are the same people this Matt Taibbi person is now telling you would never "be frightened enough of public opinion to feel the need to pull off this kind of stunt before acting in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq."

"...frightened enough" is a false premise. It isn't required for a false-flag operation. They do it first for public opinion: Public support and backing. Otherwise, the people won't go along.

The neocons do cover up out of fear though too. They've read the history of the French Revolution. The revolutionaries really did execute the so-called nobility.

If you don't think that the neocons have pushed just as far as possible before the backfires start, you don't have the pulse of the people.

The mood can shift as the neocons reevaluate based upon blogs such as this one though. That always must be factored in.

Also, anyone who doesn't see that the 9/11 Commission did a cover-up, is mentally blind.

I don't know who this Matt Taibbi is, but he's obviously not very bright.

Ah, now I remember who he is. I quoted him:

The Worst Congress Ever

Monday, October 30, 2006:

In an article for Rolling Stone , Matt Taibbi[221] writes about the Republican led US Congress under George W. Bush:....

I remember he swears a great deal in his writing.

Oh well, this all goes to show the importance of understanding that so many people hold to partial-truths. He understood much of the evil of the greedy and corrupt Republican Congress while he doesn't understand that the neocons were complicit in 9/11 and why.

If Cheney & Co. Had Really Plotted the 9/11 Attacks ...
By Matt Taibbi, Spiegel & Grau. Posted May 19, 2008.

The truly sad thing about the 9/11 Truth movement is that it's based upon the wildly erroneous proposition that our leaders would ever be frightened enough of public opinion to feel the need to pull off this kind of stunt before acting in a place like Afghanistan or Iraq. At its heart, 9/11 Truth is a conceit, a narcissistic pipe dream for a dingbat, sheeplike population that is pleased to imagine itself dangerous and ungovernable. Rather than admit to their own powerlessness and irrelevance, or admit that they've spent the last fifty years or so electing leaders who openly handed their tax money to business cronies and golfed in Scotland while middle America's jobs were being sent overseas, the adherents to 9/11 Truth instead flatter themselves with fantasies about a ruling class obsessed with keeping the terrible truth from the watchful, exacting eye of The People.

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