George W. Bush lies when he says that the U.S. doesn't torture people. The U.S. does torture people.

Ex-Guantanamo inmate finds distracted audience at US Congress
[May 21, 2008]

...spent nearly five years in prison before being released without charge.


Kurnaz spent several nightmarish weeks at the US base in Kandahar, Afghanistan before being transferred to the US "war on terror" camp at Guantanamo.

US authorities determined in 2002 that [Murat] Kurnaz had no terror links, but claimed that he remained a danger because one of his friends had committed a suicide attack — even though the friend in question is alive, and has never been found to have terror ties.


"I did nothing wrong and I was treated like a monster," he said, describing acts of torture such as being suspended by his wrists for hours on end, receiving electrical shocks and enduring simulated drowning.

"I know others have died from this kind of treatment," he said.

"I suffered from sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, religious and sexual humiliations. I was beaten multiple times," he said.

"There was no law in Guantanamo."

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