The great betrayal

Posted by Martin Bright

15 May 2008

On the face of it, the answer to my question is simple. The British left hates Israel because it has abandoned its Enlightenment principles and set about the systematic oppression of a people whose land it occupies. The invasion of southern Lebanon in the summer of 2006 was a new low point that caused international outrage. For most people on the left in Britain, support for Israel is out of the question. Solidarity for the Palestinians is synonymous with the anti-American, anti-imperialist stance of the movement that opposed the war in Iraq. Thousands of people who marched in London against British intervention carried Freedom for Palestine placards, even though these were provided by the Muslim Association of Britain, an organisation of the Islamic religious right that supports the terrorist group Hamas.


But there is more to it than that. The internet has flushed out a whole subculture of left-wing hostility to Israel that should make even Marqusee uncomfortable. This has a regular and willing outlet on the Guardian's Comment is Free website and the New Statesman also suffers from it whenever we publish articles on Israel. Postings on our blog casually link Zionism to fascism or South African apartheid. The language is so unpleasant that it is difficult not to draw the conclusion that many of the comments are driven by anti-Semitism.


There's no doubt that there are anti-Jewish, anti-political Zionists. That though proves nothing.

It was wrong to horn into Palestine to horn others out, which is exactly what the false-Zionists did. Real Zionists are Christians. Jesus was and is the epitome of real Zionism, because Zion is peace. Salem is peace. That's where the name Jerusalem (Yerusalem) comes from. You don't get to the Promised Land (Heaven) by horning your way in. It's not possible. The very act of horning in marks you for exclusion. So long as you employ such means, you will forever be wandering in the dark outside not being able to see the way in.

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