South American integration (Unasur) is something the U.S. Empire is just going to hate, but too bad. What this is, is the beginning of the Empire of South America, just as the European Union is the European Empire. This is the natural direction of things even while respect for individual rights will have to increase.

All of this consolidation will lead to making the single-vision message of Jesus Christ easier to disseminate.

It doesn't seen that way, and it won't be apparent even as it's happening. However, once it's all over, it will be obvious. It's part of the seeds of the destruction of the evil empires being sown by the very forces bringing forth those devouring empires.

It's a mixed bag that will end up being displaced by one new wineskin.

People will eventually see the truth in the words, deeds, and way of Jesus and turn to them completely. Then all will be saved.

Tom Usher

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