This is law that was proposed when Jimmy Carter was president. It was blocked by anti-environmentalists who swept into power under terrible president Ronald Reagan. It's been down hill ever since. Are the people going to turn things around now forever?

They will if they come to realize that the system is fatally flawed and must be peacefully displaced with real Christianity and not the false version that's been promoted since Constantine usurped the faith.

Ascribe Newswire, May 21, 2008


[Rachel's introduction: Currently, U.S. chemicals law is so toothless that the U.S. EPA was unable to ban asbestos under its provisions, even though asbestos is perhaps the most potent cancer-causing substance ever introduced into commerce and kills about 10,000 people per year. Time for a new law.]

Amid rising concern over toxic chemicals in consumer products and in the bodies of Americans, landmark legislation has been introduced in Congress to make sure chemicals are safe before they are allowed on the market.

Under current law known as the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), unchanged since 1976, most new chemicals are approved with little or no safety testing, and more than 62,000 existing chemicals have remained on the market for three decades despite evidence that some pose serious health risks. The Kid Safe Chemicals Act (KSCA), by Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Reps. Hilda Solis (D-CA) and Henry Waxman (D-CA), would place the burden of proof on the chemical industry to show that chemicals are safe for children before they are added to consumer products.
Ken Cook, president of Environmental Working Group (EWG), whose tests found 287 industrial chemicals in 10 samples of umbilical cord blood, called KSCA a long-overdue move to put public health ahead of chemical industry profits.

"When babies come into this world pre-polluted with hundreds of dangerous industrial chemicals already in their blood, it's clear that the regulatory system is broken," said Ken Cook, president of Environmental Working Group (EWG). "The Kid Safe Chemicals Act will change a lax, outdated system that presumes chemicals are safe into one that requires makers of toxic chemicals to prove their safety before they're allowed on the market."

KSCA does not propose to invent new public health criteria, but instead adopts tough health standards that chemical manufacturers already comply with for other products like pesticides and food additives, and applies these same standards to industrial chemicals that also end up in people.

A coalition of grassroots, state and national organizations led by EWG sent a letter to the lawmakers today applauding their action and pledging support as the work begins to make this legislation law. The letter and list of organizations is available at

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