Hello Ana,

Thank you so much for considering the Real Liberal Christian Church (RLCC).

The RLCC currently doesn't hold services, per se. So far, there is only an Internet presence. I look forward to starting a very informal House Church and Commons (food-garden).
As for beliefs similar to the Vineyard Movement's, I have overlapping beliefs. However, the tongues of Acts 2:4 were all national languages. The noises coming out of many in some Pentecostal churches may speak emotionally, but those sounds are not necessarily from the Holy Spirit. In fact, some of what passes for such is decidedly from the dark side. I've heard what is called Holy Laughter that is unmistakably wicked (selfish).

I do believe in healing and prophecy. The Holy Spirit is alive within and without.

I believe in both the literal and figurative. One of the themes of the RLCC is Theological Semantics. Jesus was a semanticist par excellence.

I don't stand between Evangelical Fundamentalists and the Charismatics. Deeds are central, as we will be judged on our works. Neither the self-styled Fundamentalists nor Charismatics focus on deeds and faith as inextricably bound together – no deeds, no faith; no faith, sinful deeds mixed in at best. We need to bring forth the Christian Commons Project™.

You may learn about my other beliefs by reading the pages on the website (left column) and the various posts. The RLCC is against greed, violence, and sexual depravity and for their opposites: The giving and sharing economy, total pacifism, no coercion, and complete sexual harmlessness (See: "Homosexuals: What they ignore."). We are to be as harmless as doves. We can't fight evil with evil.

Any help you can give to alleviate the financial crunch will be greatly appreciated. I ran through savings and took on debt to focus on study, research, website development, and tens of thousands of pages of writing. I do have income from independent-contractor work (writing), but it's not enough to get out of debt and bring forth the Commons. It remains for other souls to respond to the call of the Christian Commons.

God bless,

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

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Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.