The fastest way to stop terrorism is by being good to people, only the evil, greedy, violent, depraved ones don't want Americans and others realizing that. They want to get people to falsely imagine that being good to one's supposed enemies is childish in some sort of naive, gullible, sense. Frankly, it is the greedy, violent, depraved ones who need to grow up.

Jesus said that the proper way to approach God is as a little child. What it means is not as a stiff-necked overlord. That's why Jesus said that we are to move beyond (outgrow) lording it over one another and on to being each other's servants and nothing but.

George W. Bush though said the following last Thursday:

Success in Iraq would deal a devastating blow to Iran's ambitions to dominate the region. Success in Iraq would show the people of the Middle East that democracy and freedom can flourish in their midst. And success in Iraq will send a signal to the world that America does not withdraw, does not retreat, does not back down in the face of terror, and that will make us safer here in the United States of America.

Does that match with the Christian message of Jesus? No, it doesn't match it at all. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Therefore, Bush is preaching the antichrist message. There's no doubt about it.

Let anyone who agrees say so openly in a comment. Stop being silent. Speak up here and now for what's right.

"America does not withdraw, does not retreat, does not back down in the face of terror...." Well, America really needs an investigation into George W. Bush's direct role in 9/11.

He knew about the U.S. so-called intelligence community's and Pentagon's war games planned for that very day in New York City and elsewhere calling for planes to fly into buildings, yet all of his cabinet members and he have always denied that anyone could have even imagined that planes might be used to fly into buildings. They and he are blatant liars caught red handed.

If there is not a new, thorough, investigation that addresses the issues raised by the 9/11 Truth Movement, the U.S. is surely a lawless nation. It is a nation of men and not laws (mundane or divine).

It certainly isn't a democracy, since the vast majority of informed people have wanted a proper investigation all along. It certainly isn't free, since it's being lorded over by those who cheat to get elected. It is enslaved under a plutocracy (those rich in mammon but not Holiness control the government). The rich don't allow the people to hear the facts about 9/11. The rich control the means of mass communication. They control the time of the people too. They also control their educations.

As for withdrawing, retreating, and backing down, those are the things the American people should not do when it comes to seeking and telling the truth. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happens.

The self-styled tough guys itch for a fight and lust after death and destruction but only as dupes and minions of blatant liars. How strong is that? It's weak. It's weak-minded. Why don't they toughen up for truth? When it comes to truth-seeking and truth-telling, they turn chicken.

Who has shown more courage, Jesus when he went to the cross as a total pacifist and for righteousness' sake (truth) or the most gung ho U.S. Marine who ever walked the Earth? The answer is easy. Jesus showed more courage by far. Think about it.

The occupation of Iraq must end, because it was illegal and immoral for the U.S. ever to have invaded. The U.S. invaded, the neocons invaded, to control the oil, to prevent any other would-be empire from getting hold of it. It's all about greed (lust). It's also against environmentalism. It will increase the problem of violent climate change.

Rather than beating up on Iran, try being nice. They are human beings. The only reason why they are at "hardline" now is because of the hardline that has been used against them. After all, it was the U.S. that overthrew their duly elected president and set up the Shah as dictator and the SAVAK secret police as CIA-trained torture experts.

It was ugly of the U.S. It was greedy of the U.S. It was about getting at the Iranian oil for the sake of those who owned the largest shares of, and ran, the U.S. oil corporations that moved in to takeover much of what the British had once dominated.

Rather than being evil, the U.S. needs to focus on alternative, clean, and free energy that won't reduce natural food and that it will share with the world. The whole Middle East and world would dramatically change for the better.

The only people who are against this are selfish-hearted. They don't get into Heaven.

As for the political (false-hearted) Zionists and so-called Christian-Zionists using the Old Testament rationale for taking over and expanding Israel into an Empire, it must be remembered that the God of the Old Testament said expressly through Moses that the only reason the land was being given to the Jews (the Jews were being allowed to take over by completely exterminating many nations) was because of the wickedness of those nations and not because of the righteousness of the Hebrews. God pointed out that the Hebrews had not been righteous but rather stiff-necked. Moses also prophesied the destruction of the state of Israel and the scattering of the people throughout the nations, which happened.

Those nations, according to Moses, were burning their own children in sacrifices to their evil gods. They were practicing adultery, fornication, transvestitism, sodomy, bestiality, all manner of incest, and other confused, misguided, loathsome, and harmful acts. Whether or not one believes that those people were doing those things on a society-wide scale as suggested, the point still stands that by Old Testament biblical standards, the Jews would not have been sanctioned to take the land from nations not engaged in those acts.

Are the Zionists claiming that Iran is on a par with the nations the Jews reportedly exterminated under Moses and Joshua? We've heard no such reports. In fact, it is our understanding that Israel is much more decadent than Tehran. Granted, Iran allows Islamic polygamy, but it appears to stand foursquare against adultery, fornication, transvestitism, sodomy, bestiality, and all manner of incest. Israel cannot say the same thing, far from it.

This is not a call for coercion, but for speaking truth.

Furthermore, Moses said God would support a return to the land only if the Jews practiced righteousness at least up to the level of the Torah. They aren't doing that at all. In fact, the Zionists founder, Theodor Herzl, was an atheist. He was not interested in the theocracy of Moses but in a secular state.

I'm not calling for the theocracy envisioned by Moses. I'm calling for what Jesus revealed, which is far better than what Moses showed.

Tom Usher

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