In order to see Gaza firsthand, retired Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa had to go into Gaza via Egypt as the head of a U.N. Human Rights Council investigation. He was denied entry through Israel. The Israelis shelled a residential neighborhood in November of 2006, killing 19 civilians. They said they take responsibility for whet they've termed an accident. Israel said they were targeting rocket launchers. They further said they aren't anti-Tutu but against the position of the U.N.'s Human Rights Council. Israel says that the Council is one-sided in that it doesn't say enough against the rockets hitting Israel from Gaza. See: "Tutu circumvents Israeli ban." Ynet. May 27, 2008.

Well, why in the world did those calling themselves Zionists claim that Palestine was empty and then move in and push the locals out by force of arms and terror?

Many so-called Zionists (a terrible misnomer, since Zion stands for peace) claim a connection to that particular land, citing The Bible. Of course, anyone bothering to read the Torah will find that Moses explained that the only reason the Jews were being allowed to take the land was because of the utter wickedness of those who were inhabiting it and definitely not because the Jews were faithful or going to become so before losing the land themselves. Moses predicted correctly that the Jews would fail to remain faithful and that they would be driven from the land.

Had the inhabitants been righteous, Moses could never have retained any face whatsoever when sending the Jewish armies into the area to literally exterminate whole nations. He had to say and write that they were irredeemably wicked.

Now, were the Palestinians being wicked in the ways Moses said of the inhabitants of the area back when Moses walked the Earth? Certainly, the Zionists never alleged it in any numbers or with any sticking power.

No, all we see is that the Zionists based their moving into Palestine to take over on lies beginning with the land being unpopulated. Even those whom the Zionists sent to scout out the land came back and reported truthfully that it was already taken. The Zionists though decided that the Big Lie was the expedient plan: Evil.

This makes people wonder about the accuracy of the Jewish story in the Torah. The thing about the Torah that speaks to its greater accuracy than the current-day stories of the Zionists is that the Torah is so self-deprecating, at least for those who read it and don't gloss over that self-deprecation (confession).

Is the self-deprecation just a way of tricking people, adding to the plausible deniability? Is it also a way of excusing falling short?

The Zionists give the Jews a bad name and reputation. That much is sure. They are secular (often atheistic) nationalists who have no business pointing to The Bible to support their unilateral claim on the land.

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