The problem is that the people running things are dumb. It is stupid to be immoral and amoral. They've come to power via brute force. They are in control of the system of coercion whereby they say that if you don't go along with them, they will use violence against you. Now, you can tell them they are being stupid; however, you can't get very far with that, because they are being what they consider pragmatists. It works they think. They force others, they rise to power (force their way to it), and they like it. They are for number one, and that number one is not the One of God or Jesus and God or being one with God and Jesus. No, the number one of the coercive rulers is not that One.

So, what's to be done? Well, there are many people who are very much brighter than those in power who could do a much better job of ordering things, but those who are duped by the rulers and afraid of them and their penchant for misusing power, don't rise. They don't see the light. They don't ask, seek, or knock.

The only thing to do is speak the truth of this and then let it be.

We don't all end up in the same place together after this plane of existence. Our souls will not all be together.

George W. Bush and his neocon and false-Christian friends will not be with the blessed peacemakers and pacifists for instance. The blessed peacemakers will have been delivered from the evil of the war-mongers. Hallelujah!

Those who are for giving and sharing to feed the lambs and sheep of God and who work toward that end with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength, will have been delivered from the evil greedy materialists. Hallelujah!

Those who are for harmlessness in all sexual matters and who work toward that will have been delivered from evil, selfish, harmful sexual predators. Hallelujah!

Those who believe in the spirit over the flesh will live the real life free of pain and suffering and death and destruction. Hallelujah!

As you will notice, those who man the barricades in violent revolutions will not be with the peacemakers. They may have the lesser evil than those who oppress the masses, but they still are vastly less enlightened then are the pacifists. If I thought otherwise, I'd be following someone other than Jesus the total pacifist.

Manning the barricades means that violence is a proper method of conflict resolution, which it is not. It's just another form of selfishness that will cause harm to others for self (apart from God).

Look at the spectrum on which violence falls. The right and left of that spectrum are two ends of the same confusion. What good is being anti-war and then fighting with violence? Where is the line drawn? Let's have total peace instead. What good is being against the death penalty, but call for the neocons to be shot or to be for abortion (not just against coercive, punishing, mundane laws against it) but actually for abortion? What good is it to be against coercive laws against homosexuals but then be for coercive laws against those who say homosexuality is harmful? "Homosexuals: What they ignore."

You see the inconsistency of that whole spectrum. Jesus isn't on it. Rise above it. Overcome it. Focus on the solution, which is unselfishness and consistently so. Help with the Christian Commons Project™.

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