So what do the so-called Christian-Zionist think that Zionists are stealing Christian's land in Palestine? How do they excuse it? How do they support people who steal other people's land? Christian-Zionist aren't Christians. Jesus isn't for political Zionists (mostly secularist) taking the land of Palestinian Christians or anyone else. Any person supporting the Zionist project is supporting an evil cause. The Jews who promote that Zionist project support a spiritually dead cause. They argue for evil. The way for the Jews was never through that Zionism. It will fail. It already has. It was born dead. It's not God's way.

For Israelis, the wall offers the promise of security from terrorist attacks — its official purpose. For Palestinians, the wall is nothing more than a means of making more of the West Bank de facto Israeli territory. At Bethlehem it diverts from its course and cuts through streets near the heart of the town to 'protect' Rachel's tomb, which is sacred to Jews, while at the same time separating 1,835 Palestinian Christian [emphasis added] families from their olive groves. Under Israeli law, land that goes uncultivated for a few years can be confiscated by the state. The olive groves, so every Bethlehemite believes, will eventually become Israeli, perhaps as yet another settlement for Zionists migrating from America.

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