Reclaim Your Sense of Outrage
An interview with John Cusack
by Scott Horton

Interview conducted May 22, 2008.

John Cusack: ...

But when you really get down to it, if you want to believe that it's okay for Exxon to, say, hire a private army to protect their oil fields, well then okay let's say you could make that argument: that it's okay for corporations to have a private army that's totally outside international law and not accountable to anybody. Well then you could say, "Alright, well you know, they're producing the oil and they've got to protect their pipeline or whatever they've got to do, so I guess, you know, yeah, let them pay for it." Well that's an insane argument: to say that it's okay for a corporation to have its own private killing army, but let's say you went with that, but even that's not true, because we pay for it. We are paying Blackwater – the U.S. taxpayers. So it is not even like a free market. It is not even these people kind of just taking care of themselves in the lawless international land, I mean all these myths are bullshit, you know?

Horton: Right they like to call it "free market fundamentalism" when what it really is, is fascism. It's mercantilism at war. What else could you call it?

Cusack: Yeah. I don't know another name for it. Nor do I think you should be polite with it anymore. I think We have to be past that point. So, you know, if you think it's okay for these corporations to help create these conditions for war, drive us into war, and then make money bombing the place, make money rebuilding it, all the while barring other people from the competition, right? And then come back on television and preach about the free market, when they are orchestrating a vast protectionist racket, where they are securing their market and profiting off of people's death and destruction. I mean that's what's happening, We're in a place right now where it's okay for people to not only do the United States' torture, but we've turned torture into a for-profit business that is paid for by and the U.S. taxpayers. We have outsourced interrogation, right? – you know, a gentle semiotics for torture.

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