What a mess of an article is Bruce Wilson's May 29, 2008, "Aimed at Children, Nationally Distributed Christian Comic Book Called a 'Training Manual' For 'The Next Pogrom Against Jews'." It's written from the perspective that one has to be with the secularists or with John Hagee.

Listen, Bruce. Get this right. It isn't an either/or, Hagee or secularism. I'm not with Hagee at all, and I'm sure not with you.

You are saying that Jews didn't call for the death of Jesus. On what do you base that? Are you calling the Gospels a lie about that?

Hagee isn't Jewish, but he's called for the death of Iranians via the nuclear destruction of Iran. Joseph Lieberman is, however, a Jew (conservative Jew) also calling for the destruction of Iran if Iran won't completely knuckle under to Zionism. Do you deny that millions of Jews are for the death of millions of Iranians if Iran won't completely knuckle under whether or not there is any evidence against them? Why are Iranians second-class world citizens while Israel and the U.S. may arm themselves to the teeth with nuclear weapons?

The Zionists are for killing (murdering) wholly innocent Iranian children based upon Zionist fear and their evil preventive-war position.

You don't comprehend the revelation of Jesus Christ. Have you ever even read the Gospels? Do you have any idea what Jesus was calling for and why? You don't have a clue.

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