To Visitors, Readers, Subscribers, and Commentators,

As much as I can enjoy writing and posting posts and comments on the RLCC blog, I must do other things to even eat. Visitors and readers have not seen their way clear to focus upon growing the Christian Commons Project™. They have not thrown in with me, not because I am preaching lies. I am not. Therefore, I am left with no alternative but to slow the number of posts and comments. Satan loves that of course.

Frankly, I must work on other projects to pay for this one. If I don't, this blog will die. The term Christian Commons will hardly be heard in the worldly world. The meaning of "Real-Liberal Christian" will not go out at all. About Our Name: Real Liberal Christian Church.

I've planted seeds. Others are called to come tend their Fathers vineyard as well.

There are others in the world trying to bring forth, but they need to cooperate in building the Christian Commons. They must network together. They must discuss each other with each other and in public to further the word.

There are links to this site, but they are few and not always out of the spirit of unselfishness.

The contents of this site are deliberately censored via ignoring them by the rich sites that buy the traffic to become richer (selfishly so).

The only way to break through is to become a groundswell that cannot remain ignored. Than the real debate worldwide will ensue as it must.

If you don't help to straighten out the meaning of words such as "liberal," then what is harmful will continue hiding behind the false use of the term.

It is not enough to just point out the antichrist positions of the likes of John Hagee (violent) and prosperity preachers (greedy) and the like. It is not enough just to begin being better stewards of the planet. It is not even enough to build the mundane commons. We need to go all the way with what Jesus calls for.

The miracles will unfold if we do. It will finally become universal on the Earth and in the real resulting Heaven, as is prophesied.

The prophecy must be fulfilled. Jesus was the climax. We must be parts of the whole of his dénouement: The solution.

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