This is what war-mongers and the selfish greedy ones do to other people. Look at what it does to those left behind alive too. It tempts them to not forgive others. It pushes evil toward the extreme.

Now, this nephew of Mia Farrow received attention, because she is fairly well known. His case though is commonplace. The military is constantly lying about causes of death so the super-rich plutocrats don't have to pay out money. The troops are fodder. Use them up and throw them away.

Don't enlist under any circumstances. They can't have wars and illegal occupations without minions. Don't be a dupe. It's better to starve to death than it is to kill for the plutocrats.

Mia Farrow's Nephew Dies in Iraq — Uncle Blames 'War Criminal' Bush
Greg Mitchell
June 1, 2008

Sgt. Jason Dene, the nephew of actress and activist Mia Farrow, died in Iraq last week and his uncle blames the "war criminal" George W. Bush for the loss.
In this case, medical complications appear to be at issue. Patrick Farrow, of Castleton, Vt., writes, "To date all the family has heard from the Army is that Jason variously died 'in his sleep' and 'in his bunk' and 'in his quarters' and my favorite 'sleep apnea complicated by smoking cigarettes,' in other words, natural causes."

Whatever the cause, Patrick Farrow knows what really killed his nephew: "Because of the arrogant, corrupt lies of George W. Bush and his neo-con handlers my nephew is dead, and I am mad as hell...Jason Dene was not killed by enemy fire nor friendly fire but by Bush's brutal and cynical stop-loss program."

Because of Bush's abusive stop-loss policy, Jason had been sent into an unwanted third tour of duty. He was a father of three and could not afford to lose his pension. Some "volunteer Army."

During his three 15-month tours in Iraq, exposure to roadside bombs and other job-related injuries caused Jason to be hospitalized several times for concussion and internal bleeding and other injuries. Recently, Jason's condition was such that the Department of Defense flew him from Iraq to Dover Air Force Base for surgery. He was released from the hospital into the loving arms of the government who sent him directly back into Iraq.
I could not shake his hand. He and his cabal have killed my beautiful nephew. . May God, if there is one, forgive them. I cannot....How many more must die before this atrocity is ended?"

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