PRIVATE PRAYER LANGUAGE: Apparently, it's speaking "in tongues," meaning gibberish to humans but allegedly intelligible to God even though the speaker doesn't know what the speaker is saying. Perhaps there are various versions of what people mean when they refer to this "private prayer language."

I don't hold with it. I don't hold with speaking "in tongues" when it's gibberish. The gift is speaking foreign languages that other people understand as human languages and not something the speaker doesn't understand.

Emotions may be understood from sounds, but the Word is human language.

I'm not going to crucify anyone over it or anything else though. God knows what's going on no matter what we're doing. I just don't hear Jesus speaking in a way that he doesn't know what he's saying. It's confusion, as with the Tower of Babel. That's not my God's plan. That's not the direction in which I'm being moved.

Tom Usher

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