If the following is in any way designed to debunk the miracles of Jesus Christ, it can't be done.

You can't test God. God won't show via scientific testing. Testing comes out of doubt. Where there is doubt in God, the only thing that will result is the mundane.

The only time the spirit will show is when it's fed up. That wrath is a reflection of human selfishness that is error. It's a sign that humanity is pushing the limits. The more we know, the more is expected of us too.

Therefore, if you want to see the wrath, keep it up. It's coming. If you want to avoid it, stop being selfish and start supporting the Christian Commons Project™.

Believers and skeptics invited to take part in testing.
A seemingly simple web-based card matching game might end the debate of whether paranormal phenomena exists, according to Keith Comito, project administrator and creator of The Anima Project.

"I created the site because the subject of the paranormal has always interested me, but the scientific literature on the subject was always lacking," Comito wrote in an email to Flesh and Stone. "It seems that skeptics and believers are content to argue with each other blindly for centuries instead of settling the issue with definitive and mathematically sound testing, hopefully I can take a step towards altering that."

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