The so-called martial arts have been into meditation and yoga-like activities for centuries. It's confusion. Become peaceful while you murder. All it is, is becoming more indifferent. It will fail.

From The Times
June 2, 2008
Warrior pose turns Indian yoga soldiers into deadly foes
Rhys Blakely in Haridwar

Those who assumed yoga is for peaceniks should prepare to have the notion shot down. The Indian Army is poised to adopt the ancient practice after trials showed that giving meditation precedence over conventional physical drills at boot camp makes for a deadlier fighting force.

Chants of "Om" and elastically athletic poses may seem out of place in a training barracks, but after three months new soldiers of the Bengal Engineering Group, who did 50 minutes of yoga a day combined with 40 minutes of traditional exercise, had steadier hands, stronger grips and leaner muscles than peers who underwent a gruelling 90-minute military work-out instead, according to a study.

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