IRAQ, LISTEN. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO SIGN ANY MORE AGREEMENTS WITH THE U.S. WHILE BUSH OR CHENEY ARE IN OFFICE. NO MATTER WHAT.Bush and Cheney are trying to coerce the Iraqis into signing away their future. Bush/Cheney is threatening to abscond with some $45-50 billion dollars of the Iraqis' money illegally being controlled by the U.S. Treasury, as if Saddam Hussein was still in power. The evil neocons are telling the Iraqis that either they sign away their rights and give all real power to the U.S. Empire for decades to come in Iraq or the neocons will use the Iraqis' money for whatever the utterly despicable neocons want.

If you sign, it will be harder for you to get back on track regardless of which person or Party is in power in the U.S.

The Iraqis should not make any further agreements with the U.S. no matter what while George W. Bush or Dick Cheney remains in office. If Barack Obama wins the presidential election, the Iraqis can negotiate in a way that their money being illegally controlled by the U.S. Treasury is not a bargaining chip. They can get it back if George steals it for awhile. Frankly, he's already stolen it to a large degree.

If John McCain wins, the Iraqis can still attempt the same thing. In spite of the propaganda of Obama-backers and others, John McCain does have many independent ideas from George W. Bush. He's acting right now more than ever to get votes, money, media coverage, and mass-media endorsements. McCain right now is kissing up to money and consolidated-media to win.

Once in though, McCain won't remain true to what he's doing right now. No president ever has. No one can become President of the United States of America without making and breaking promises. That should tell you a great deal about the American system. Of course, in what country do the leaders keep their words?

That doesn't mean we hold leadership to old promises when new information comes to light. We all are to learn and grow. That's what Jesus has asked of all. All intelligent people qualify their positions based upon this. The problem is that most candidates know full well that they are lying to become electable, and they don't qualify their promises (I promise provided....).

Electability in the U.S. means garnering the favor of the moguls of mass media who then sell the candidate to the people and ruin that candidates opposition in the eyes and ears of the naive, gullible, woefully uninformed, general population. Obama was picked from the start (he was given huge coverage even though he was as vague as Hell) provided he morph into a candidate more acceptable to the neocons. He's done that. He's moved very much to the false-right.

The smartest thing people can do is get information outside the corporate, mass-media, consolidated, so-call news system. However, how do they find out that that's what they ought to do when sites such as this one are deliberately censored and ignored by that very "news system"?

The only way is for people who have branched out to spread the word that the people must branch out too.

Unfortunately, most of the readers of sites that tell the truth that there is hardly a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats and that real Christianity has nothing to do with getting a license to behave in harmful ways of any kind (no greed, no violence, no harmful sexual behavior, no selfishness but rather a giving and sharing economy, total pacifism, and sexual purity that is harmless), most of those readers are opposed to real Christianity. They are charged with reading such sites so the worldly system will know what to censor, what to counter with false propaganda, etc.

Therefore, the few of you who really believe in God and Jesus and harmlessness are required to step forward into the biblical gap for the land and people. Otherwise, all the woes that have always befallen people who refused will confront you for cause. You have to be unselfish enough to speak up and take the heat of Hell's wrath for righteousness' sake. Either you trust in God ultimately, or you don't. There is no fence sitting in the end.

You aren't either with Bush or with the terrorists, but you are either with God or against Jesus. Please help the many and yourself — your soul and theirs.

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