We've already seen the Bush/Cheney administration illegally spy dragnet-style on purely domestic U.S. communications. We've seen them bribe and threaten and punish corporations concerning this. We've seen them seeking blanket immunity for the plainly illegal collusion of corporations in their schemes. Why should anyone trust them now? No one should trust them at all. They aren't in the least repentant.

Bush pushes biometrics for national security
By Ben Bain
Published on June 6, 2008

The Bush administration has required agencies to increase their capability to share among themselves biometric information on people believed to pose a threat to national security.

A presidential directive issued June 5 requires the increased compatibility of methods agencies use to collect, store and share fingerprints, face and iris recognition data and behavioral characteristics to identify and screen "known and suspected terrorists." The directive also applies to other categories of individuals the directive said would be identified soon who may also pose a threat to national security.

The National Security Presidential Directive 59/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 24's purpose is to create a "framework" to ensure that agencies are using mutually compatible and legal methods for sharing biometric information, the document states.

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