Either way, the mundane laws are coercive. You can't force morality. It's immoral to attempt it. Such laws are based upon punishing those who don't agree with you regardless of which side your on.

The Real Liberal Christian Church is opposed to coercing homosexuals, but it is opposed to being coerced by them as well. Coercion is hypocrisy. That's the real, divine logic of it.

Obama Campaign Reaches Out to LGBT Community
By Joel Wendland
6-06-08, 7:55 pm

Praising Sen. Hillary Clinton's long record of fighting for LGBT equality, Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Steve Hildebrand extended a warm welcome to LGBT supporters of the New York Senator on a conference call June 6.
"We certainly recognize the pain that goes with some of this. Know that you have a welcome home here. Know that we need your help and that we want your help," he added.
Solmonese reminded the callers that Obama is not afraid to speak up for LGBT equality to audiences that are often viewed as unsympathetic. Obama has supported hate crimes legislation that includes sexual orientation and identity as a protected category. He supports ending discrimination against LGBT workers and has supported more funding for HIV/AIDS research and care, Solmonese said.
John McCain, said Solmonese, worked extra special hard to block the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill, opposes the employment anti-discrimination bill, supports the "don't ask, don't tell" military policy, and endorsed and made TV commercials in support of the ban on marriage equality ballot initiative that fortunately failed in 2006 in Arizona.

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