What do they mean, "Imagine No Religion"? Imagine the world without the message of Jesus Christ, or imagine the world without the institutions that perverted and twisted Jesus to their evil ends? I can certainly look forward to the end of the latter. However, the world without Jesus's message against greed, violence, and sexual depravity and for the Holy Spirit that has power over all things including the power to feed all the people if we will simply believe is not a world in which I want to live.

If the world is going to be nothing but the vision of the materialist who block the feeding by their disbelief, I can only then look forward to leaving this planet and plane of existence. I want no part in that anti-spirit world they have in mind.

Evil is done in the name of religion. It has been done in the name of Jesus. That's not Jesus's fault. However, evil has been done in the name of secularism, and that is the fault of the secularists for not realizing that the full message of Jesus is the truth. It is absent the hypocrisy that is inherent within secularism. It is fully righteous. It is the right government. It is non-coercive. The secularists want the backing of the military and police to force others to live under their regime. Think about it. It's evil.

The secularists are blocking themselves.

Secularists post 'no religion' billboard
Published: June 9, 2008 at 6:19 PM

DENVER, June 9 (UPI) — A group of secularists in Denver said they have taken their beliefs to the streets with a billboard near the state Capitol reading "Imagine No Religion."

The billboard was launched with a countrywide ad campaign and will remain posted until the end of July, The Denver Post reported Monday.

"The religious right is not a majority, but it has a strong voice and a lot of influence. We want to uphold the separation of church and state," said Michael Lee Smith, spokesman for the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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