Now, Hugo Chavez is a much better leader than is George W. Bush. Bush isn't even a close second. He isn't even a second. He's bringing up the bottom while Hugo Chavez is rapidly learning in office how to lead without abusing people.

I'm not saying that Chavez is following all of the commandments of Jesus Christ mind you. I am saying though that he's much closer to doing that than George W. Bush and Bush's supporters.

If the Bush/neocon/neolibs would back off, Hugo would be able to put everything into helping the poor. Of course that's exactly what Bush, the neocons, and the neolibs don't want: To help the poor (except for a little show here and there).

Hugo really cares about the poor though. That's why the fascist propagandists rail against him.

Sunday June 8, 02:06 PM
Chavez revokes controversial spying law

CARACAS (AFP) - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Saturday revoked a law he decreed last month creating four spy agencies and a Cuban-style national informants' network, saying the measure contained errors.

"I started listening to criticism (of the law) and in the end, I think there are some mistakes there, I have no problem acknowledging it. So I decided this morning to correct that law," Chavez said at a function of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela.
Chavez specifically cited problems with the regulation requiring cooperation from any person or business, whether domestic or foreign, with intelligence services.

"This is a mistake and not a small one," Chavez allowed, saying: "I cannot force (someone) when an intelligence unit asks for cooperation, to become an informant, and then if they refuse we put them in jail."
For Chavez, "the law was not bad but it has some elements that the adversary uses to generate fear," and "the battle is political, not legal.

"We have defeated all the conspiracies of the Venezuelan oligarchy and the US Empire with the greatest respect for human rights and that is how it will continue to be," the Venezuelan president said.

"We shall continue to defeat them in a framework that is democratic, humanist and socialist," Chavez added.
"I guarantee the country there will be no abuse against anyone, and no one will be forced to say anything more than what the person wants to say," Chavez said. "The law will be reformed listening to criticism and contributions, and we will be very careful in the final version."

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