This is the same guy who reportedly said, "KICK ASS! KILL THEM! KILL THEM! WIPE THEM OUT!" http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/2008/06/02/george-w-bush-prince-of-darkness-kick-ass-kill-them-kill-them-wipe-them-out.html

He's now saying that he's not a man of war. What he is, is a liar, because he is most definitely a man of war. He has an ocean of innocent blood on his hands.

He's repenting (faking) about his choice of words but not his deeds.

June 11, 2008
President Bush regrets his legacy as man who wanted war

George Bush said he regretted the divisions caused by his rhetoric
Tom Baldwin and Gerard Baker in Ljubljana

President Bush has admitted to The Times that his gun-slinging rhetoric made the world believe that he was a "guy really anxious for war" in Iraq. He said that his aim now was to leave his successor a legacy of international diplomacy for tackling Iran.

..."I think that in retrospect I could have used a different tone, a different rhetoric."

Phrases such as "bring them on" or "dead or alive", he said, "indicated to people that I was, you know, not a man of peace". He said that he found it very painful "to put youngsters in harm's way". He added: "I try to meet with as many of the families as I can. And I have an obligation to comfort and console as best as I possibly can. I also have an obligation to make sure that those lives were not lost in vain."

The unilateralism that marked his first White House term has been replaced by an enthusiasm for tough multilateralism. He said that his focus for his final six months in office was to secure agreement on issues such as establishing a Palestinian state and to "leave behind a series of structures that makes it easier for the next president".

Mr Bush is concerned that the Democratic nominee Barack Obama might open cracks in the West's united front towards Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
Shaul Mofaz, a hardline Israeli minister, has suggested that a military strike on Iran is "unavoidable". But Mr Bush said: "We ought to work together, keep focused. His comments really should be viewed as the need to continue to keep pressuring Iran."
But he delivered a thinly veiled warning to Mr Obama that his promises to renegotiate or block international trade deals were already causing alarm in Europe and beyond.

"There is concern about protectionism and economic nationalism," he said. "Leaders recognise now is the time to get ahead of this issue before it becomes engrained in the political systems of our respective countries."

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