Nancy Pelosi is standing in the way of doing the right thing. Remove her. You have a duty to be good stewards and shepherds. If she won't change her position immediately, move immediately to replace her as Speaker with someone who will move the impeachment process.

Understand, if Bush and Cheney attack Iran while you could have impeached them and prevented it, you'll all have that blood on your hands. Only the few who sign on with Dennis Kucinich will not be responsible or accountable to God for lack of trying.

Impeachment resolution gains co-sponsor: Robert Wexler (D-FL)
Nick Juliano
Published: Tuesday June 10, 2008

Stalwart liberal Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL) became the first member of Congress to co-sponsor Rep. Dennis Kucinich's resolution calling for President Bush's impeachment.

"President Bush deliberately created a massive propaganda campaign to sell the war in Iraq to the American people and the charges detailed in this impeachment resolution indicate an unprecedented abuse of executive power," Wexler said in a news release. "A decision by Congress to pursue impeachment is not an option, it is a sworn duty. It is time for Congress to stand up and defend the Constitution against the blatant violations and illegalities of this Administration. Our Founding Fathers bestowed upon Congress the power of impeachment, and it is now time that we use it to defend the rule of law from this corrupt Administration."
Wexler was one of two-dozen co-sponsors of an earlier Kucinich effort to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney. That resolution was referred to the House Judiciary Committee last November, where it has languished since.

The Bush impeachment measure is almost certain to go nowhere in the House. Before taking over as Speaker last year, Nancy Pelosi declared that impeachment proceedings would remain "off the table." She's not budged from that position since, as the president strolls through his last half-year in office.

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